MES and Education Bureau launch public consultation on curricula for seventh, eighth and ninth grades


All stakeholders in the educational process can give their suggestions for the improvement of the existing curricula for the seventh and eighth grades that have already been developed and participate in the development of the new ones for the ninth grade, through the email addresses [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected], informed the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Education and Science emphasizes that, along with the Education Development Bureau, a public consultation on the seventh- to ninth-grade curricula is starting today, with the aim of improving those that have already been prepared, and the new ones that need to be prepared, to include the suggestions, especially of practicing teachers, whose opinion, as they emphasize, is the most important in the process of shaping the educational system.

“The new government postponed the implementation of the concept for primary education in the seventh, eighth and ninth grade, due to the numerous reactions in the public that the integration of subjects complicates the realization of teaching, but also the grading, creating confusion among both teachers and students. Dissatisfaction with the low quality of the educational process initiates changes, which need to be created through a wider consensus,” reads the MES press release.


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