CMC rescues three 16-year-olds who were trapped on the Treska River


Three 16-year-old boys were rescued late last night after being trapped on an island in the Treska River. The Crisis Management Center (CMC) informs that the report was received at 7 p.m. and that the boys were trapped on the island due to the swollen river due to the discharge of water from the hydroelectric power stations, which is a regular process for the continuous production of electricity, which results in a sudden increase in the evening the flow of water through the riverbed.

The CMC has asked the dispatchers in the hydropower stations to reduce the water flow, which will enable the extraction and rescue of the boys.

In the meantime, an attempt was made by a team of special forces to rescue the boys with a boat, but without success due to the fast and strong water in the increased bed of the Treska river.

Around 11 p.m., the duty services at the Saraj police station received a notification that after lowering the water level in the river, with the help of the special teams of the Ministry of the Interior and the villagers from the village of Grchec, the boys were safely transferred by boat to the other side of the island that gravitates towards the village of Grchec.


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