Former SPO prosecutor Katica Janeva back in prison for not showing up to work


Former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva will no longer be able to use the right to so-called partial freedom after she was caught not going to work at the law office of her son Lazar Janev.

Officials from the Administration for the Execution of Sanctions, after receiving information, inspected the office and found that it was closed, that is, there was no one there. Janeva was immediately returned to the Idrizovo prison.

Janeva was required to report if she was not at work. A record has been made and she will no longer be able to use partial leave. She has the right to request it again, but considering that she violated it, she will no longer be allowed, confirmed the Administration for Execution of Sanctions director Aleksandar Pandov.

Katica Janeva was sentenced to seven years in prison for abuse of office in the “Racket” case.


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