Nikoloski says it would be “hostile” to the Budget to terminate the contract with Bechtel-Enka because the money is already paid and nonrefundable


To publish the contract with Bechtel-Enka for the construction of motorway sections from Corridors VIII and X-d, which is classified as a state secret, we would need approval from both sides. Our main goal will be to maximize the kilometers of motorway we get from the contract, Deputy Prime Minister on economic affairs and Minister of Transport and Communications Aleksandar Nikoloski said on Wednesday.

Nikoloski believes that the country can get more kilometers of highway than what is signed in the Bechtel-Enka contract, which will be his main battle during the negotiation of the project.

“I think it will be an unfriendly and hostile attitude towards the Budget if I terminate the contract now, and those funds are already with the contractor and cannot be returned. The contractor can sue and ask for arbitration and we pay even more and half a billion euros of funds go, and we don’t even have a kilometer of highway. We need to fight to get as many kilometers of highway as possible and built as soon as possible in Macedonia,” said Minister Nikoloski.

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