Shilegov fires against Zechevikj- quarrels in SDSM are escalating


Quarrels and divisions within SDSM continue. It is no longer known who is with whom and against whom.

The last in the series is between the former Skopje mayor, prominent member of the SDSM and former MP and spokesperson Petre Shilegov, with the resigned general secretary, Mile Zechevikj.

He added the nickname Vardarski, so Shilegov addressed him in a social media post:

“The guy from Serava, who thinks he’s a “bulldozer” from Vardar… Remove is yet to come.

Shilegov does not explain what this reaction is due to, but the reason could be his exclusion from some online group by Zechevikj’s orders.

Zechevikj is considered one of the main reasons that SDSM experienced the biggest historical debacle in history when he was the general secretary, the bad staffing policy, the presence of Danela Arsovska’s party establishment.


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