Skopje apartment prices go up in Q2 2024


The prices of apartments in Skopje in the second quarter of 2024 increased by 11.5 percent on an annual level, and an increase of 8.2 percent was also recorded in relation to the previous quarter, according to the National Bank’s Apartment Price Index.

In the first quarter of the year, prices rose 4.7 percent year-on-year and fell 0.8 percent, which was the first minimal quarterly decrease in a long period since the last decline of one percent in the third quarter of 2020.

According to data released by the National Bank, in the last quarter of 2023, apartments rose in price by one percent compared to the third quarter, and by 6.9 percent on an annual basis. In the first quarter of last year, apartment prices increased by 18.9 percent on an annual basis, that is, by 1.4 percent on a quarterly basis. In the second quarter, there was an increase of 13 percent at the annual level and 1.6 percent at the quarterly level, and in the third quarter by 11 percent at the annual level and by 2.9 percent at the monthly level. In the fourth quarter, the increase was 6.9 percent on an annual basis and one percent on a quarterly basis.


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