The ugly face of the SDS/DUI government Filipche as a minister approved tenders worth millions from Irina Panovska to her father’s company


The ugly face of the SDS/DUI government, Filipche, as a minister, approved millions of tenders from Irina Panovska to her father’s company. The excuses that Filipce will say and have said in the past, that he had nothing to do with the tenders, but the Clinic, will not pass. As a minister, Filipche could have dismissed the director of Hematology, Irina Panovska, if he really wanted to prevent the tenders from daughter to father, noted MP and VMRO-DPMNE EC member Mile Lefkov on Wednesday.

“Filipche not only did not fire her, but with his inaction, he allowed the million-dollar tenders from the Hematology Clinic, where the daughter Panovska was the director, to the Wholesaler Dr. Panovski of father Panovski.

A few million each year ended up from the account of the Hematology Clinic to the account of Dr. Panovski. That is the ugly face of the SDS/DUI government, that is the reason why Filipche became leader of the SDS. When he will be called to account or proceedings will be initiated against him, he should be subjected to political pressure and with the hope that sometime in the future the scheme with Panovski and others like him can happen once again,” added Lefkov.

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