Athens: North Macedonia’s European path crosses through Greece


The Government and Prime Minister KyriakosMitsotakis follow a responsible foreign policy and we directly state that North Macedonia’s European path crosses through Greece, and evidently, unless they change the way in which they approach the international agreements, they won’t move forward, the spokesperson of the Greek Government, PavlosMarinakis, told reporters at Thursday’s regular media briefing.

The government spokesperson at the beginning of the media briefing indicated what Prime Minister KyriakosMitsotakis mentioned during his participation in the NATO Summit regarding the Prespa Agreement, “emphasizing that its full implementation is necessary for the NATO Alliance and for the Western Balkans”.

“Progress, security and prosperity are based on respect for international law and international agreements,” Greek Prime Minister KyriakosMitsotakis said at the first NATO session, sending a message to the new leadership in Macedonia.

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