Defense Ministers of Italy, Albania, N. Macedonia, Bulgaria sign agreement for harmonized military mobility corridor


Macedonian Defense Minister VladoMisajlovski and his Italy, Albania and Bulgaria counterparts, Guido Crosetto, NikoPeleshi and AtanasZapryanov respectively, on the sidelines of the NATO Summit in Washington on Wednesday signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) to create a harmonized corridor for military mobility within the Pan-European Corridor 8, for the needs of the Alliance.

The goal of this initiative is to enable a faster flow of Alliance military forces and equipment by simplifying national border crossing procedures, especially in times of crisis.

By signing the Letter of Intent, steps are being taken that will significantly increase the efficiency of military logistics and operations, should the need arise. Also, the project will contribute to the improvement of coordination between the signatory countries, as well as the infrastructure along the Corridor, which will enable easier access to the Krivolak military training ground.

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