Mickoski: Gone are the days of Macedonian politicians who accepted any humiliation offered at the table


Macedonian Prime Minister HristijanMickoski is attending the NATO Summit, which is being held on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the formation of the Alliance.

“Today we spoke with the Montenegrin Prime Minister, we spoke with the Croatian President, the Hungarian Prime Minister, normally here I would single out the meetings and meetings with the Italian Prime Minister Meloni, with the Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez who was with me, I would say next to me at the dinner that he organized US President Biden, his wife Jill Biden. From what I can also single out are the meetings with the neighbors, the Bulgarian and Albanian prime ministers,” said Prime MinisterMickoski.

The PM added that the time of bent spines, of corrupt politicians who come from Macedonia and politicians who are ready to protect their corruption and crime and do literally anything, is long gone.

“They were ready to sign everything, to accept every humiliation that will be offered to them on the table just to protect their crime. That time is already history and past. We have to speak as true partners, speak as neighbors, because partnership and good neighborliness is a two-way street and we want to nurture it and only see it that way,” added Mickoski.

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