Siljanovska-Davkova: We should consider voluntary military service


Macedonian President GordanaSiljanovska-Davkova believes that the option of young people being able to serve military duty on a voluntary basis should be considered.

“We have had such an experience, yes, I think it should be considered. There are people who would like to do military service, voluntarily, why not make it possible. I think that then the attitude towards the army will be more positive. The topic should be opened, discussed, arguments should be heard, people’s mood should be tested,” said the Macedonian head of state.

President Siljanovska-Davkova recalled the time from the former state community when serving a military term meant interacting with different profiles of people, building relationships of solidarity and understanding.

The introduction of a professional army in North Macedonia in 2006 was part of the transformation process in coordination with NATO, where only a few member-states had mandatory military service.

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