Academic Gjorgji Filipovski, one of the founders of MANU, dies at 100


A century later, the heart o the legend of Macedonian science, the only living one of
the founders of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry (1947), University "St. Cyril
and Methodius ”(1949) and the only one of the first composition of MANU (1967),
Academician Prof. Dr. Gjorgji Filipovski, has stopped beating! May he rest in peace!
In May this year, MANU celebrated the 100th birthday of academic Gjorgji Filipovski,
the only survivor of the three founders of MANU in 1967.
Academician Gjorgji Filipovski turned 100 years of age on May 6. On the occasion of
this great jubilee, a ceremony was held at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences
and Arts. Academic Filipovski, along with academics Blaze Koneski and Haralampie
Polenakovic, were the three members of the first panel in charge of establishing the
The Academy was founded on February 23, 1967, and the first President was
Academic Blaze Koneski.
Academic Filipovski two years ago, at the age of 98, participated in the celebration of
50 years since the establishment of the scientific institution.
He delighted the audience with his mental as well as physical vitality.

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