SDSM in crisis after the audio bomb, allegations that Zaev is the weight around the party’s neck


The latest audio bomb in which Zoran Zaev’s voice could be heard, the authenticity of which he himself confirmed, we find out that he created quarrels within the SDSM party structure.

Those familiar with the situation say that the audio recording of what Zaev is hearing about and dictating the decisions of the Supreme Court and the SPO was a drop that poured into the glass for louder outcry, even in high party circles in the way Zaev leads the party, which many social Democrats say ends up in abyss and a sure defeat.

That the situation is far from ideal could also be seen through the devastating atmosphere of last week’s SDSM march to justice, which was judged to be a heavy kick by its low turnout and poor ambience. The fact that SDSM has long been silent on the march did not show much of the top party leadership, such as Petre Silegov, Renata Deskoska, Radmila Sekerinska… The majority of members ruled with resentment compounded by a series of decisions that could not be hidden from yesterday’s bomb. That the reaction of SDSM was disoriented and weak, apart from the absence of arguments, also proves that Zaev was left alone to defend himself as even his closest associates expressed a reservation to defend the indefensible.

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