Gjorgiev: I am moderately optimistic about finding a solution for Goce Delcev


The joint Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission for Historical and Educational Affairs will pause the activities and there will be no meetings until the end of the elections here, but contacts have not been completely cut off, said historian Dragi Gjorgiev, head of the Macedonian team.

– The work of the commission is not completely interrupted. In the meantime we certainly have contacts. We are still harmonizing the minutes of the last meeting, translating them into Macedonian and Bulgarian, Gjorgiev said.

For the mutual congratulation of Goce Delcev, which opened the different positions of both sides. In terms of finding a solution, Gjorgiev is moderately optimistic, and the commission’s work would not relate to the policies of the two countries.

-It’s a purely academic commission that needs space and time to work, and I’m moderately optimistic about finding a solution. We have moved in some respects for Goce Delcev, for textbooks things are going smoothly, but it takes time and leaving the commission itself to resolve some issues without political pressure, said Gjorgiev.

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