Zaev: I do not remember that we had the “bomb” about Milososki, we handed over everything to SPO


We handed over all the material from the wiretapped conversations to the Special Prosecutor’s Office at the end of 2016 and thus ended our commitment, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said today at a press conference answering the question of who posted the new “bombs”about MP Antonio Milososki on YouTube.

As Zaev said at the press conference at the party headquarters, if he owned these “bombs”, he would publish them within the project “Truth for Macedonia” as evidence of direct influence on the judiciary.

Let us not forget who wiretapped and that we received only a portion of the materials, ie we received about 30 percent of the materials created. What we were publishing was materials that we were careful not to infringe on in privacy, and yesterday’s material on YouTube did not infringe on privacy, but it incriminates MP Milososki, and we did not have it as far as I can remember, he said.

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