Pendarovski calls National Security Council meeting over coronavirus on March 16


President Stevo Pendarovski said that he has summoned the National Security Council for a meeting over coronavirus that will take place on Monday.

He said that the country has three available options regarding the coronavirus outbreak. The first is the possible engagement of the military without declaring a crisis, the second is to declare a crisis situation in certain parts or across the country and the third is to declare a state of emergency, which he considered unnecessary for now.

– I have to share my assessment about the situation of the coronavirus of the actions of the competent institutions so far, and that our country is doing better than any other country in the region. To date, the spread of the epidemic in the country has been prevented. The measures in force give effect and we are currently only 9 confirmed cases. We have enough supplies and the authorities are doing their job well. I have to tell you that no level of nonchalance is allowed if we want to limit the epidemic. My cabinet has reduced its activities, and most of the institutions have done the same – said Pendarovski. The Parliament will have to decide on extending the period of crisis situation.


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