Nikoloski: Government to adopt measure to freeze prices for basic consumer items, recover VAT and subsidies to affected companies


We all know that Macedonia is facing a serious phenomenon whose forecasts say
that unfortunately the situation will only get worse. The more comprehensive the
measures are, and the faster they are, the smaller the consequences. To be honest,
despite these huge health problems, I wish the all best and a fast recovery to all
those who are already infected with the coronavirus, and I wish that the
consequences would be smaller but that would have serious economic
consequences. Unfortunately, Europe, and Macedonia as a part of Europe, is facing
and will face a serious economic crisis in the coming period as a consequence of
what is happening with the corona virus.
And that is why I have to emphasize our disappointment that the government
remains out of hand, which we are giving at this time of alerting that they must be
placed above political momentum and party interests, this was stated by the Vice
President today at a press conference. to VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski
"This must not turn into an arena of campaigning and political marketing, which,
unfortunately, we are seeing these days. More work, less political marketing is what
should happen in the coming period. Therefore, our concern is also due to the partial
respect for government measures. There are bars in the cities and especially in
Skopje that work smoothly after 6 pm, contrary to recommendations and represent
potential hotspots for the transmission of the virus".

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