There are announcements of layoffs of a large number of workers, the Government does nothing


We have already heard announcements of layoffs of large numbers of workers, all
over Macedonia, yet the Government does nothing, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President
Aleksandar Nikoloski said.
"We are proposing freezing obligations of companies to the state whose business is
related or affected by the situation. Second, freezing of corporate liabilities to banks
and lenders, at least for March and if necessary the crisis continued, and for April.
Third, the government should undertake to cancel and pay interest on the loans to
companies for March, and if the crisis continues for April. Fourth, the country should
pay the expenses for the employees in companies that are affected by 50% of the
total cost of employees, i.e. 50% of gross salary. And finally, it is necessary to make
an immediate analysis of all that is going on at the moment, which sectors and
companies are affected and to be paid subsidies by the state so that they can
survive this period".

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