State quarantine for those who violate the self-isolation order


Interior Minister Nake Culev noted that the government session was considering stricter penalties for those who violate self-isolation orders, noting that 47 sentences were currently being imposed on 40 people.

“People are unaware that besides their health they also endanger the health of everyone. That is why it was suggested at the session that those caught who do not comply with the measures of self-isolation should be placed in state quarantine, in addition to the fine, which is not small by our standards, “they will have to pay for it themselves”, said Culev.

He added that a government meeting was discussing where that state quarantine would be and that several options were on the table.

Minister Culev says that there are 3,787 people in the country in self-isolation, and 1,088 in Skopje. He informed that 390 controls were carried out by the Ministry of Interior. There are 215 people in Skopje and 349 in the country.

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