State coronavirus tests four times more expensive than private ones


Almost 5,000 denars cost the coronavirus test done in the state laboratory of the Center for Public Health, and the tests performed in private clinics are three to four times cheaper.

State testing is actually charged by the state budget, but even though the price is not paid by the citizens being tested, it is unclear why there is such a difference and why the state pays the larger amount.

The tests performed at the private clinic “Zan Mitrev” (1500 denars) are almost three times cheaper than those performed in the laboratory of the Center for Public Health. And even cheaper are the tests performed at the Acibadem Sistina Private Clinical Hospital (1,200 denars).

Health Minister Venko Filipce at a news conference on the condition of coronavirus did not give a precise answer to the question why the state pays a much higher price for tests

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