Zaev confirms that two billion euros are missing


SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, in an interview for the “360 degrees” TV show, said that the Macedonian Budget lacks two billion euros, adding that it should not be hidden and that the citizens should know it.

He noted that the realization of budget revenues will be around 30-40 percent, which means that 60 percent of planned budget collection will be missing.

The measure we propose may not be enough. We will have a deficit of about 2 billion and 200 million euros, that’s 60 percent of the budget, Zaev said.

He added that they currently have a verbal loan approval of 600 million euros, but that is a little because up to 2 billion and 200 we have another billion and 600 thousand euros. But the money supply is not that big anymore because the bigger money was already taken by the bigger countries, Zaev said.

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