Famous Macedonian handball player: Be responsible, buy Macedonian products!


The virus and the measures are expected to affect companies as well, exports have fallen, consumption has fallen, orders to companies have fallen, trade has fallen. All of this has a direct negative impact on workers in Macedonian companies. By slowing and stopping their work, they are on the verge of financial collapse and shutdown. It means shutting down businesses, closing down stores, plants, and thus leaving our workers out of work, said Borko Ristovski, strategic associate for sports issues to VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.

“What can we all do as citizens? We can do a lot! We must behave responsibly, just as we are responsible for our own and everyone’s health, and responsible for our economy. The virus does not choose, but you can choose. Buy products made by our employees, our companies. Buy Macedonian products to prolong companies ‘economic lives, to protect jobs and workers’ salaries.”

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