Macedonia faces economic and health collapse


Macedonia is on the verge of collapse, both economically and in health, if the
irresponsible and corrupt behavior of the SDSM government continues, said VMRO-
DPMNE today in a press release.
– In just three years, Zaev's incompetence and his criminal gang brought the country
into bankruptcy. The Macedonian state is facing the most serious challenge in the
past 30 years, a global pandemic, a state of emergency, and a sinking economy.
Macedonian citizens are left at the mercy of the vanity, politicization and
incompetence of Zaev and SDSM. Thousands of citizens are left without a piece of
bread and without basic sources of livelihood. Macedonian companies we are proud
of are now on the verge of shutting down, the party said.
VMRO-DPMNE adds that at the same time the government, instead of working on
solving the problems of the citizens, involves in tenders and manipulations with the
sole purpose of profiting from the plight of ordinary citizens.

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