160 employees of the Tetovo yarn company lose their jobs  


In Tetovo, more than 160 workers at a yarn and wool factory lost their jobs, and people accuse the management of forcing them to sign annexes to employment contracts. They say that although they received work contracts for three months, they were forced to sign annexes and thus lost their jobs. They believe they have been played in order not to receive salaries for February and March.

– All employees at Teteks Yarn Limited from March 1 to March 10 we signed 3 month contracts. On March 17 we were given new employment contracts valid from March 9 to March 31 with no written salary. So by the end of the “new” agreement of April 1, 2020 we are out of work. The management structure did not pay us salaries for February as now for March, and therefore we do not have any paid contributions. The management threatened us to sign the annexes, otherwise it would not give us a job posting to register as unemployed.  We were also threatened that we would not receive our salaries for February and March, the director told us that the law was on their side. There are people among us with 35 years of experience, say the workers.

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