Coronavirus tests provoke extraordinary inspection at Macedonian private clinic


Following public correspondence between Acibadem Sistina and the Ministry of Health about coronavirus tests that are being carried out at a private clinic, yesterday he State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate, carried out an inspection in the health facility. Extraordinary supervisor was sent to determine if the tests are in accordance with the legal regulations, whether they are accredited and verified by the Institute of Public Health.

No irregularities were identified during the inspection, and it was determined that the tests are in accordance with the legal regulations, but it was recommended not to publish information from the test results, but to forward them to the Institute of Public Health.

The Ministry of Health first came out with it stance that the tests used by Sistina were a different type from the tests of all other institutions. That is, these tests detect the presence of anti-bodies of the Covid-19 virus, while other tests detect the direct presence of the virus itself.

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