Mickoski offers package of proposed economic measures to the Government


VMRO DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski claims that the government's measures are
not enough to prevent the spread of coronavirus. He called for more people to be
tested at a news conference, adding that more lives could be saved. Mickoski
believes that the government's economic measures are not enough and that they are
more declarative than effective, as well as unfair to certain companies. He reiterated

that the other day he offered himself to go to the Government and offer the expert
analysis and proposals of VMRO-DPMNE.
"Because I see that she needs the help of the government, the lack of sincere will,
and I see that they do not even understand the things they need to do to save the
economy. I am really sorry that no one has found enough responsibility in
themselves to suppress the unnecessary political arrogance and to listen to what we
are proposing," Mickoski said.
He reiterated the party's view that companies should receive up to 50 per cent
support for gross costs per employee, then reiterated that they should pay the
employers' payments into the second pension fund into the first mandatory April 1
fund and thus secure liquidity of the first mandatory fund, and in better times to
return them to the second pension fund.
The treasury bills in the National Bank should be urgently transferred to all or part of
them and recorded in securities, thus providing 25 billion denars of injection for the
Macedonian economy, and then let it continue to seek out money to repair the
damage from the pandemic, asked Mickoski. He also demands reprogramming of
the state debts, i.e. the Government to start negotiations with the lenders of the
state, for what we should return this year, to be postponed for next year.

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