VMRO-DPMNE Vice President: We call the sister parties to send help


We call our sister parties where they are in power to send help because Macedonia is in a desperate situation. Equipped equipment for the medical staff, the police, and the citizens. We ask for help. Even after Slovenia and Hungary, we expect more help from the sister parties of VMRO-DPMNE for the next ones. VMRO-DPMNE with these resources from the position of opposition did what Zoran Zaev, Oliver Spasovski, Venko Filipce failed to do. They didn’t get help from anywhere. So they got tired of taking pictures with half the government of Greece, signed an agreement with Bulgaria, so you’d expect that they would send  at least one van with aid, these are two neighboring EU member states, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski on Alfa TV in the show “Sleep if you can”.

– The visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Szjjarto is a visit of the first official from an EU member state. When they arrived, they said that Macedonia was not alone. It is easy to have good friends, it is important to have them in such situations. I hope that the sister party of SDSM will follow in the footsteps of Hungary and that none of them will come, said Nikoloski.

Nikoloski pointed out that 5,000 protective suits and 100 thousand protective masks have arrived from Hungary, as well as gloves and masks from Slovenia.

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