What SDSM is doing is bringing the citizens back to the time of the transition in the 1990s


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, in his address on Alfa TV news, spoke about the situation in which the Republic of Macedonia finds itself due to the coronavirus.

“Today, what is proposed to us, and it should have been two denars to increase the excise tax on unleaded fuels and diesel, in fact not two denars but three denars should have been increased is a classic example when a small circle of businessmen who are relatives or friends related to the party or the ruling family, as is the case in Macedonia, manage to secure privileges for themselves on the backs of the citizens,” Mickoski said.

Mickoski added that what SDSM is doing now reminds the citizens of those sad times in the 1990s, the transition in which many of our fellow citizens would prefer not to remember.

“And this is not a solution to the budget problem, this is not a solution to the problem of the Macedonian economy, on the contrary, this type of measures are completely contrary to what the ruling family or the ruling party in Macedonia said. You remember when Zoran Zaev said that we would not ask for money inside Macedonia, but we would ask for money from outside. “Now, not only are we not looking abroad, not only are we not capable of providing money from outside, and not only are we not capable of providing money from the internal liquidity that still exists in our country, but it is directly hitting the pockets of the citizens.” added Mickoski.

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