National Security Council to decide on extension of state of emergency


President Stevo Pendarovski considers that state of emergency will be extended by
another 30 days given the current situation. The current period ends on April 16
when National Security Council is to hold a session and decide on extension of the
nationwide state of emergency to help halt the spread of the coronavirus.
“The chances are that additional 30-day state of emergency will be declared
because the internal situation is not significantly mitigated still require this type of
engagement from all competent institutions. We have declared a state of emergency
for the first time in 30 years, but also some things are happening for the first time in
the world related to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, if I have today that information
from the competent institutions, if you ask me today for a decision, I will extend the
state of emergency by another 30 days,” Pendarovski said during his visit to Tetovo.

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