Head of the Regulatory Commission: Citizens affected by the coronary crisis will pay their bills in installments without interest



ead of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Marko Bislimovski informs that citizens affected by the corona crisis, i.e. receiving minimum wages, will pay their bills for March, April and May in installments without interest.

In an interview with Radio Free Europe, he informed that during the next month, the most suspicious heat bills will start arriving, which will be reduced by at least 20 percent. According to Bislimovski, it is too early to say whether the price of electricity will remain unchanged.

In the interview, he points out that there is a significantly improved situation regarding the payment of bills after receiving the salary from the administration and expressed expectation that those consumers and households that are not affected, i.e. have no reduced income and will continue to cover their regime expenses in the future.

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