Research: Non-transparent tenders and favors in procurement during coronavirus crisis


71 agreements worth a total of 1.5m euros have been signed. These are urgent public procurement related to the protection and prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection, ie the number of contracts concluded in the period from early March to April 20. The Ministry of Health has made the largest procurement, and that is the procurement of respirators. In 44% of cases, only one company was negotiated.

A significant number of institutions continue the practice, before concluding urgent agreements, to negotiate with only one instead of several companies. This is information from the Public Procurement Monitoring Report related to the corona virus prepared by the Center for Civil Communications.

There are remarks in the Report on the lack of information regarding the procurement of masks, on the non-transparent procurement of medical gloves and the like. According to the report, some of the institutions still do not publish the reports on the concluded agreement and the agreements themselves.

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