Austrian Parliament publishes the document of Bulgaria’s condition for Macedonia’s EU integration


The Austrian Parliament’s website has published the official documents regarding the EU enlargement and the March 25 conclusions on the date for negotiations for Macedonia and Albania.

According to these documents, it is clear that Bulgaria’s request has become part of the EU enlargement conclusion concerning Macedonia and Albania.

They demand that Macedonia discontinues any support to the Macedonian minority, and that the term “official language of the Republic of North Macedonia” instead of Macedonian is used in the EU.

Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov says Bulgaria’s statement was made later in the minutes of the adoption of the conclusions of the EU General Affairs Council.

“The EU General Affairs Council on March 24th (formally on March 25th) unanimously, including Bulgaria, unconditionally decided to open negotiations with North Macedonia. This conclusion was unanimously approved on March 26 by the heads of government and state in the European Council. “The operational paragraph of the Council’s conclusion on the part of North Macedonia does not contain any conditions,” Dimitrov said last week.

However, documents published the Austrian parliament[s website state that part of the conclusions of the EU Council is the Statement of the Bulgarian delegation.

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