Additional Deputy Agriculture Minister reveals manipulations: First class tobacco sold as second class, second class as third


Additional Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy Cvetan
Tripunovski today, after the video address of Nikica Bacovski from the Commission
for Agriculture of SDSM, reacts that tobacco growers in the past three years are not
satisfied with the purchase of tobacco.
– Tobacco is declassified. The first class was sold as a second class, and the second
as a third. Lies have always been one of SDSM’s strengths. The lie has always been
a strong point of SDSM. Tobacco growers have not been satisfied with tobacco
purchases in the past three years. The first class is sold as a second, and the
second as a third. At the end of the last season, not all tobacco was purchased,
although SDSM boasted. Tobacco growers in Radovis were left with unfinished
tobacco, he said.
According to him, tobacco growers are again left on their own this year. Buyers don’t
cut deals with them.

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