10,000 people to lose their jobs due to poor crisis management


The economic catastrophe in Macedonia is yet to come, unfortunately. Now it is still
April, and in April people received their salary for the month of March, and until
March 15, the cafes and restaurants were working, i.e. everything worked all March.
Now they have to take their April salary in May, and almost nothing works. The

salary for the month of May needs to be paid to workers in June, and I don't know
where they will have reserves to pay these salaries, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice
President Aleksandar Nikoloski.
Nikoloski points out that in order to overcome all this, the SDSM government has no
announcement. According to him, in order for the economy to start relaxing today, it
will be felt after a month or two.
-Here will be allowed to open restaurants, who will spend money in that restaurant if
there is no salary? "Someone works in a factory, that factory doesn't work, there is
no salary and with what money will he go to a restaurant?" Nikoloski asked.
Nikoloski says that the government thinks it is very smart and knows how to run the
economy, but 10,000 people lose their jobs every day and the economic catastrophe
in Macedonia is yet to come.

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