Zaev: Employees have saved money because they have nowhere to spend their salary


SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, in his guest appearance on TV Telma’s “Top Tema”, said
that the administration employees have saved money because they had nowhere to
spend it, so they saved 15,000 denars from their salary.
Zaev went as far as to criticize administration staff for not being in solidarity.

-An average administration employee get 25,000 denars a month, 6000 denars go
on loans, 19,000 denars are for daily spending, now in April 10,000 denars is the
consumption of those 25,000 denars because we stay at home, we have nowhere to
spend that money, we spend on food, we pay bills, but the consumption is 10,000
denars, so it turns out that15,000 denars are saved during this period, says Zaev.
Zaev says that it was not in solidarity, everything that the employees had saved
should have been spent, everything that was there should have been spent, so that
“the denar would turn”, according to him.

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