Police structures used for wiretapping and following the opposition leadership


VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski, on his interview with the Alfa TV news on Friday, pointed out that the opposition party leadership is being followed physically, as well as wiretapped.
“For a long time now, we have had doubts and information from people who think well of democracy in the country that the opposition leadership is under physical surveillance, as well as telephone and communication supervision,” Nikoloski said.

He pointed out that it was undemocratic and illegal and expressed serious doubts that it was done by parapolice structures that were completely illegal. According to him, these parapolice structures are controlled by the political and not by the security center.

“It is an undemocratic and illegal measure used to track down a political opponent. We are ready for such a way of our observation and work and even in that way we will win the next parliamentary elections because democracy in Macedonia cannot be stopped by anything. But I want to warn those who are doing this not to listen to the orders of their superiors and their party bosses, because they will bear serious criminal responsibility for that. The information is that we and our families are being monitored, both physically and by phone. There are two ways to do this, the first is to do it through the two security agencies in Macedonia and therefore we will alert the two competent parliamentary committees to monitor the work of these agencies, as soon as the next parliamentary composition is formed to monitor these two bodies. But what we doubt much more is that it is a matter of parapolice structures that are managed by a political, not a security center, and that it is a matter of monitoring by parapolice structures that is completely illegal,” Nikoloski said.

NetPress reported Thursday that the SDSM leader, through his security, controls the monitoring of political opponents, which unequivocally stems from the fact that Toni Janevic, who is the brother of Ljupco Janevic, is in charge of the sector for covert police operations within the Public Security Bureau (BJB), the chief of Zoran Zaev’s security.

NetPress sources say that the current director of the Public Security Bureau, Saso Tasevski, and former bodyguard of Zaev and the current Interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski, on no grounds allowed Toni Janevic to change from this chief of staff for covert surveillance. It remains to be seen whether Janevic’s sector has had any covert police actions.

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