Tuntev: Airports should not be expected to reopen before June 15


Director of the Civil Aviation Agency Tomislav Tuntev believes that the country's
airports should not be expected to open before June 15. Currently in the country, the
number of flights compared to the previous year is only 7 to 10 percent and includes
military flights, special medical, state, humanitarian flights and flights for repatriation
of citizens who remained outside the country during the outbreak of the pandemic
and the closing down of borders in all European countries, reports Portalb.mk.
"The decision to open the airports is based on data from the Commission on
Infectious Diseases and the Crisis Staff, we as a regulatory body have no influence
on it, we can only provide data from other countries in Europe, for airports in other
countries, for the provisions and regulations for flying published by the European
Union – and we do so every day, but the decision will be made on the basis of the
state of health in the country. The decision to open airports will depend on other
measures, primarily the abolition of quarantine and the opening of international
borders for the movement of citizens, because you know that in airports the borders
are international and the same rules apply as for other borders. My estimate is that
the airports will certainly not open before June 15, and regarding what the situation
will be these days with the number of infected and the sustainability of the health
system, I think that in the second part of June a decision could be made, but all this
is just an assumption," Tuntev told Portalb.mk.

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