VMRO-DPMNE advisory group: Shilegov will spend almost 300 thousand euros for new party employments through Communal Hygiene and Drisla


VMRO-DPMNE advisory group announced in a statement that the Mayor of Skopje,
Petre Shilegov, will spend almost 300 thousand euros with new party employments,
only through Communal Hygiene and Drisla.

"Petre Shilegov continues overemploying the administration of the city of Skopje,
from which he is making a party headquarters. Now, through the Communal Hygiene
company, he has signed a new contract for temporary employment in the amount of
9 million denars, or 150 thousand euros.
These employments are partisan in the run-up to the elections and this is an abuse
of the status quo so that Shilegov, instead of helping the city, helps the party.
Yesterday we announced that for party employment in Drisla will spend 8.6 million
denars or 140 thousand euros. Only through Drisla and Communal Hygiene for new
party employments Shilegov will spend almost 300 thousand euros. This is called
electoral bribery and misuse of the money of Skopje residents that Shilegov has.
There are no explanations for the increased volume of work or in what way it justifies
such spending for party employments ", they say from the Advisory Group of VMRO-

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