EU negotiating framework not yet been finalized and not a public document, draft version in a few days


The negotiating framework has not yet been finalized and is not a public document,
but its draft version is expected to be published very soon, possibly on June 9 or 10,
and the first Intergovernmental Conference (IAS) with Macedonia and Albania could
be held in the fall, at least according to the forecasts of Macedonian and European
diplomats, responsible for the European integration processes.
The document will not differ much from the framework prepared for other countries in
the region, except that it will integrate the new methodology, which was adopted by
the European Council.
According to the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs and Political Negotiator
with the Union, Bujar Osmani, the draft version of the negotiating framework can be
expected on June 9 or 10. He said earlier this week that it would be followed by a
brief report on progress in reforms.
Once the European Commission publishes the draft version of the negotiating
framework, member states will present their national positions and ultimately try to
reach a consensus.
– I expect and hope that this proposal will be neutral, in terms of the positions of
different member states, but will be based more on the principles of the functioning
of the EU. I expect that once announced, each country, including Bulgaria, will try to
impose its national position. But we are coordinating, we have determined our state
positions, what we would like and what is the best version. As a candidate country,
we are not in a position to influence the negotiating framework, but we will lobby and
work, said Osmani.
Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi said yesterday that the negotiating
frameworks for North Macedonia and Albania should be released in the coming
EU Ambassador Samuel Žbogar added that it’s the same negotiating framework with
a similar structure as those done for other countries in the region, but integrating the
new methodology agreed by the European Council recently.

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