Freedom House report confirms that the PPO is controlled by the Zaev family


Today I would like to say a few points related to the report of Freedom House, which describes the situation in the Republic of Macedonia as quite alarming, especially in terms of corruption and political influence of the government on key institutions such as the judiciary and prosecution, said VMRO-DPMNE’s Antonio Milososki.

“The Freedom House report confirms to the Macedonian public that today’s developments in the prosecution are much worse than in previous years. Political interference in the work of the public prosecutor’s office is one of the biggest problems Macedonia has to deal with the fight against crime.” and corruption. The prosecution headed by Joveski and Vilma has now confirmed with an international report that it is a political prosecution that implements selective justice and selective laws. The political montage of April 27, the persecution of political dissidents, mostly by the opposition and many innocent people in prison, and many convicted prisoners, such as Martin Neskovski’s killer and others, show that politics has deeply involved the judiciary, prosecution and institutions, which are carried out by the court verdicts,” Milososki said.

“In the past 3 years, not one criminal, especially if the person is part of the government, has been held accountable, on the contrary, they have become first friends with Zaev and his inner circle. . This international document by Freedom House reaffirms that we have had fabricated cases over the past three years, and even when it is answered, remember the mayors Boro Malboro and Kurto Dudus, and it will become clear to you that politics is stronger than the prosecution and the courts. This is an official confirmation that the key element that awaits Macedonia in the possible future negotiations with the EU, the rule of law in Macedonia is seriously threatened,” Milososki said.

“Additionally, corruption remains a major and serious problem, especially impunity for high-ranking government officials, many media outlets, journalists and even political opponents have uncovered several major scandals, but unfortunately for none of them we have a prosecutorial or court ruling. The latest example of bribery and pre-election corruption is the packages that Zaev and his closest associates distribute to poorer families by offering them a package of food products in exchange for a vote, which is a feature of Zaev in Strumica, but unfortunately he conducts it throughout the Republic. Macedonia,” said Milososki.

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