14% of active cases hospitalized, and 76% of COVID-19 casualties had chronic diseases


Minister of Health Venko Filipce informed that according to the data from the history of the disease, a huge percentage of the COVID-19 related deaths are patients who had previous chronic diseases.

“According to latest data, the majority of the 193 coronavirus casualties in North Macedonia were over the age of 60 and 76% suffered from comorbidities such as chronic, cardiovascular, and lung diseases, as well as diabetes,” said Health Minister Filipce.

“14 percent of the infected are currently hospitalized, while 86 percent are treated at home. In terms of the capacity of the hospitals, there are vacant beds and equipment, part of the medical staff that is in isolation, and a certain part that is really primary we supplement with this rotation that I mentioned. These are doctors and nurses who have been working intensively with these patients for the past four months without a single day of rest and are at risk, and in terms of that it is very important to understand the seriousness of this condition and all those who do not behave, to start to behave responsibly,” said Minister Filipce.



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