SEC President: Parties and citizens to respect recommendations regarding public gatherings


President of the State Election Commission (SEC) Oliver Derkoski said that the upcoming elections in 2020 will take place in an extremely unusual situation, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He announced that health protocols will be prepared on the basis of which the SEC will make guidelines for voting.

– It will be a great challenge to all of us who organize the process, but also to all those who participate in the process. I hope that all participants will undertake to respect the protocols for protection of citizens’ health, and I appeal to the citizens to believe in the institutions that this process will be organized in the best possible safe way so that they can exercise their right to vote.  In fact, they are in line for the next elections so that they can cast their vote and decide further how the situation in our country would continue – said Derkoski.

In a statement to the media, the SEC President pointed out that health protocols will be ready in the coming days.

– The SEC should receive a protocol on how to organize the events that mean voting two days of elections for the protection of the citizens, but also the election bodies. We will add them in our instructions, bylaws, and thus we will try to protect the citizens in the best possible way. I am convinced that we will succeed in that, despite all the challenges we face – said Derkoski.

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