Bulgarian MEP threatens: Macedonia will become Bulgarian with a few beatings


Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzambazki of the PM and Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov’s party has outdone himself in a video conference on his Facebook page on “Geopolitics and Transport Corridors in the Balkans”.

“I am addressing all our uninformed brothers in Macedonia and those who are brainwashed, pro-Serbian and those who think they are descendants of Alexander of Macedon. You are not descendants of Alexander of Macedon. He was Greek and you have a Bulgarian origin. Don’t worry, we are not enemies. We know some of you are afraid and are Serbian servants, but all will come in due time. Macedonia will be part of Bulgaria, and part of the European Union. Macedonia is Bulgarian and you know it. You know that Albanians are breathing down your necks. Think carefully brothers. You are good Bulgarians but you don’t realize it yet. It will take some time. With patience and with a few beatings all will come in place,” Dzambazki said.

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