Instead of managing healthcare, Health Minister counts the sick and diseased


Filipce and Zaev brought the health system to its knees. COVID-19 brought all
healthcare problems to surface. Failure to address the effects of the coronavirus has
made Macedonia a black spot in the region and beyond, Dr. Zaklina Sopova told a
news conference on Sunday.
She pointed out that the incompetence of Filipce and Zaev was seen on all grounds,
and with the coronavirus crisis, it has experienced its peak. It has come to surface
like never before.
– The inability is what made healthcare dysfunctional. Citizens do not have the
proper service, medical workers are left in the lurch. Filipce, instead of being a
minister who manages the system to deal with the coronacrisis, has become a
person who counts and announces new patients and those who have died from the
virus. Health staff management has been shown to be an unknown parameter. It is
the management of this staff that is crucial for an appropriate response to the
consequences of coronavirus. That was missing and that's why we are where we
are. Incapability will soon end. The establishment of a functional health system will
soon follow. The choice is clear – renewal and quality healthcare, or scams by Filipce
and Zaev. Citizens will choose the renewal of Macedonia, said Dr. Sopova.

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