"Justice for Koljo" protest on Tuesday: End street killings!


Guerrilla action in front of the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office.
We send a simple and clear message. We are looking for #JUSTICE to the end,
there is still a chance!
TUESDAY 23rd JUNE, 18:00. Location: Ministry of Justice -> Public Prosecutor's
Office -> Criminal Court.
We repeat: let’s all adhere to the measures and recommendations. Wearing masks
is mandatory.
To the competent institutions: YOU WILL NOT KEEP US QUIET, although the
attempts these days have been great. Pressures, threats, blackmail, but we will not
give in.
Tuesday at 6pm, we will take to the streets at any cost to make our voices heard. We
will repeat that we are looking for JUSTICE FOR KOLJO, and we will repeat the
same until the killer get what he deserves.

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