Non-working Saturday and Sunday, one-year maternity leave and increase of the minimum wage, demands SSM


The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia today issued a statement with several requests and indications which, as it says, will be the initial basis for negotiations with the social partners and which will not deviate regardless of who will form the new government.

SSM proposes that the new Labor Law be declared Saturday and Sunday as non-working days, that maternity leave be 12 months, and that fixed-term contracts be used only in exceptional circumstances and be for up to one year. It is also proposed that the employer submit the negotiations within 30 days after the submitted written proposal from the Collective Agreement.

The union is also demanding the introduction of a beneficial length of service for construction workers and those workers who work in harsh conditions that adversely affect health. SSM believes that there is a real need to increase the minimum wage by at least 60 percent of the average salary in the country and the disease from COVID 19 in all workers to be treated as an occupational disease entitled to 100 percent salary compensation.

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