Orban: We in Hungary cheer on our friend Mickoski and we would like to see VMRO-DPMNE as the winner


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban endorsed VMRO-DPMNE in a video address:

“Even though we are part of the EU, and you are not, the histories of the Hungarian and Macedonian people in the past had been intertwined. We can help each other a lot. We can help you and you can help us. That is why it is not all the same to us who will win in the upcoming elections in Macedonia, what result our friends will have.”

“However, the choice is up to the people, who will elect a government that will deliver more than the current government in power. We, in Hungary, cheer on our friend Mickoski and we would like to see VMRO-DPMNE as the winner because in the fight against migration together with them we built cooperation based on national pride, in order to defend our families and the freedom that we have, which gives us confidence on the issue of the future. We believe that they will perform well and we hope that you will support them and Macedonia will get a government with which in the coming years we Hungarians will cooperate well and together we will build a better future and a government to which we will be able, and I personally will be able to provide help in order for the country to become a member of the European Union as soon as possible,” says Orban.

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