The biggest challenge is for the SEC not to succumb to party pressures


The speculations that have appeared these two days about the voting results are an absolute lie! There is no possibility for anyone to know, much less to give results. The parties with their machinery cannot know that, said Aleksandar Novakovski, former chairman of the SEC.

“I hope that the SEC has successfully completed the education. If we assume that the election process is monitored from the announcement of the elections until the Election Day, the main factor here is the election boards. I hope that the children’s diseases around the opening of the polling stations have been cured. Not to allow grouping of polling stations, to collect the results,” said Novakovski.

“The possibility of the parties to influence the SEC during the Election Day is reduced to a minimum. They can appear when deciding on any possible objections, but if the election boards do their job properly then the possibility is reduced to a minimum. I am optimistic and I think that all protection measures have been taken.”


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