Ruskovska about Boki 13’s “International Association”: All the defendants had their role in the fraud!


The trial in the ‘International Association’ case, in which Jasna Mandikj, Bojan Jovanovski-Boki 13, Frosina Remenski, Mile Jovanovski and Hristina Blazeska are indicted on “fraud” and “money laundering” charges, launched Tuesday in the Skopje-based Criminal Court.

In her opening statement, prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska stressed that the defendants consciously committed the crimes they’re accused of and that the association was established to con businessmen Siljan Miceski and Ardian Amzoski.

She added that all the defendants in the courtroom had a role they played in the fraud. She said that the deceived were promised that they would be provided with state land for construction of facilities, and Frosina Remenski advised Jovanovski at the meetings with the victims by giving advice and instructions. Defendants pleaded not guilty to charges.

According to the prosecution, the defendants deceived businessmen Siljan Miceski and Ardian Amzoski that they would participate in a project of ‘International Association’ for which they paid a total of over EUR 1 million.


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