Dr. Panovski: It’s high time to make a plan and tell the people what to expect


The large number of cases is one of the causes of high mortality. It is another thing that they appear late, and the third is that the infectious wards were not sufficiently developed in the country. It is illogical for the main center to be September 8, which has three infectologists compared to 26 in the Clinic. These are some of the reasons, said one of the top microbiologists in the country, Professor Dr. Nikola Panovski.

We have had the intra-hospital infections that we have been hiding for years, says Panovski, we have a large percentage of bacterial pneumonias that are obtained under ventilation.

– The third thing is that Macedonia, and the Balkan countries have very resistant bacteria compared to other countries – the reason is that more antibiotics are given and therefore they are more resistant. In the end, every death here is recorded as COVID-19 related death, says prof. Dr. Panovski.

“I expect it is high time to make a plan, a scenario and tell the people what to expect if they continue to disregard the measures,” he said, “because there comes a time when all the people on the beaches, in the mountains and in the parkswill have to gather indoors, whether we like it or not.”

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